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Direct Vent Heater

The Toyotomi L-60AT direct vent laser home heater provides all the comfort and convenience of a central heating system in one small, efficient unit. Adding a Laser direct vent heater to your home can reduce your home heating bills. Also ideal for heating cold basements, summer homes, garages, hunting camps, or manufactured housing.

Toyotomi L-60AT Features & Benefits

Automatic Temperature Set-Back Operation

Features a 24-hour programmable set-back and thermostat control to keep room temperature where you want it.


The large circulation fan distributes clean heat quickly and evenly. It automatically regulates between low, medium and high burn modes. When the room temperature rises four degrees above the set temperature, it turns itself off.

Clean and Safe

Designed with a force-flue pipe that results in odorless, clean heating at maximum efficiency. The L-60AT also features a safety shut off for extra protection.

Convenient, Easy to Use

Combines advanced technology with the low cost of fuels like gas and kerosene. The easy to use digital control panel displays temperature, settings, time, and error codes.

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Wood Fireplace Design

The L-60AT has an attractive, rustic cabinet with an antique finish and simulated logs with an authentic feel. It’s the perfect home heating solution for a cottage, cabin, or family room.

Type of Heater

Forced Flue Vented Heater (Antique Finish)

Fuel Type

ASTM D3699 K1 Kerosene
ASTM D396 No.1 Fuel Oil
ASTM D975 Ultra Low Sulphur Deisel (ULSD)

Electric Rating

120V AC 60Hz
Preheat 270 Watts
Buring 60 Watts

Heating Efficiency


Heating Rating

High: 30,000 BTU/hr
Medium: 21,000 BTU/hr
Low: 12,000 BTU/hr

Fuel Consumption

High: 0.230 gal/hr
Medium: 0.161 gal/hr
Low: 0.095 gal/hr

Dimensions (WxHxD)

30 x 24 x 19


77 lbs

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