Comtec Dealer Network

Our Dealer Network

We have been providing the latest high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment through our dealer network for over 30 years. We offer the kind of expert training, product support, and customer service that you can only get with that kind of experience. We are currently accepting applications for certain areas in the Western United States. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

What Does It Take?

Our dealers know they can expect top-notch training and product support from us. Here’s what we ask from our dealers.


Become an Expert

Become knowledgeable about how the heating or cooling system works.


Reliable People

Maintain a staff who can install and repair these heating systems.


A Megaphone

It’s up to you to get the word out an vigorously introduce the heating or cooling system to your community.



Advertise the availability of the system on a regular basis.


Networking Events

Attend county fairs, home shows and other events to introduce the system to your community.


Stay in Stock

Maintain a sufficient stock of heating systems so that customers who want the system can get it quickly.


Spare Parts

Maintain a sufficient stock of spare parts so that parts for repair of the systems are available.


Room to Display

Display the heater or product in your storefront.



Take every opportunity to spread the good news about the heating system via word of mouth advertising.

Products Our Dealers Distribute

Comtec dealers distribute the following types of high-efficiency home heating and cooling products.
Toyotomi L-60AT Toyostove Direct Vent Heater

Toyotomi Heating Systems

Toyotomi direct vent heaters, fuel oil heaters, efficient heaters and diesel heaters. Learn more about Toyotomi here.

Toyotomi Portable AC Heat Pump TAD-t40lw Accessories

Toyotomi Air Conditioners

Specializing in portable air conditioners that provide convenience and value. Learn more about Toyotomi here.

Kuma Classic Oil Stove

Kuma Oil Stoves

Kuma Oil Stoves are known for high efficiency and value at a reasonable price point. Learn more about Kuma here.

Caframo Ecofan AirMax 812 Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

Caframo Ecofans

Caframo’s Ecofan is an invaluable and popular add-on that helps stove heat circulate faster. Learn more about Caframo here.

Exclusive Products

We are the exclusive distributor of Toyotomi Laser Stoves and Toyotomi Water Heaters in California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska. We also have Toyotomi products available in New Mexico, Arizona, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Toyotomi Laser Vented Stoves

Toyotomi Laser Vented Stoves

Exclusive: Toyotomi laser vented heaters inluding the L-300, L-530, L-730 models as well as the Toyostove L-60AT and L-73AT models.

Toyotomi Oil Miser Heaters

Toyotomi Oil Miser Heaters

Exclusive: the Toyotomi Oil Miser line of on-demand and hydronic water heaters, including the Oil Miser OM-128HH and OM-122DW models.

Comtec bent over backwards to make things right. I was impressed. Frequently we hear of qualities such as “integrity” listed in the advertising and literature of companies… Rarely do we see such integrity in action. I did at Comtec. Kudos to John Stanley and other Comtec support.

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Comtec Distributing is the nation's leading wholesale distributor of high efficiency home heating and cooling products, specializing in Toyotomi direct vent heating systems air conditioners. We also carry efficient oil stoves from Kuma.

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